Wednesday, December 08, 2004


It was inevitable

It had to happen. Sooner or later, once I started riding the CTA consistently, I knew that I would have a dream about it. This dream occured yesterday while I was napping. I seemed to be in a very overly crowed car that was stopped at the South Blvd. station on the purple line. I do not remember what the hold up was but I remember feeling a need to leave the train. So I did.

Friend and Co-blogger Jake Sikora was also at the stop. I do not remember much but I do remember him leaping (on the strength of the absurd) into a moving Green Line train. This was a move on the strength of the absurd because, as anyone knows who is familiar with the South Blvd. stop on the purple line, the Green line is nowhere near this stop! It is halfway across the city!

Anyway, that is all I remember, but I needed a break from writing about Job, and I told Jake I would post about the dream. Feel free, anyone, to offer interpretations of this dream.