Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Blogger Disappearances

There has been a strange phenomenon lately of blogger personalities just vanishing (without a trace?). Have they been abducted by aliens? Should we call the Unsolved Mysteries guy? I have been away of late but can readily testify that I have not been abducted (not this time at least). But where is A Gauche? Where is Geoff Holdsclaw? Tara is back at the Weblog after a lengthy but completely understandable absence.

But in all seriousness, I really intend to post soon. Not that anyone is really waiting for me to or will care a whole lot when I do. But besides being hit by fast moving pickup trucks in Michigan and weathering the imminent death of my grandfather things have been quite busy and stressful. Lots of Derrida on my mind of late and I intend to reflect that (maybe only implicitly) in the next barrage of writing. So, this is a promise to write, if not later tonight, tomorrow.