Friday, September 03, 2004


You Haven't Listened to Radiohead...

...until you have heard Kid A on two 10" vinyls. Today I spent more than I would like to admit on it but after the first listen I can testify that it was well worth it. There is something about listening to digitally created music on analog equipment that gives pure pleasure.

There is something very interesiting that happens with the vinyl that does not occur on the CD. The end of "Motion Picture Soundtrack" is an ascending progression of chords that has been described as "very resurrection," a fitting ending to an album with death all over it. However, at the end of the first movement to this song the needle drops into an infinite groove in the record: the turntable keeps spinning but no progress is made. One may never just progress from the end of the one part to the resurrection ending; there is an infinte space between. The listener can await the eschaton of the album forever. This feature alone was worth the price of the LP.

I mean, this album is a liturgy—it requires work to listen to it. The first 10" must be flipped over after only the second song. One cannot passively take in the music but must be always alert (a similar experience to finding the page in a high church mass). Truly a gift: it is a beautiful interplay between creator and listener. Jared, if you are reading, this is incentive for you to come up and visit.